Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico

 Deepwater Horizon in flames before sinking.
Photo provided by D.Becnel

Matt and his boat are signed up with the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC).  When he took his HAZWOPER (Hazardous Work Operations and Emergency Responses) training class years ago, the instructor told him, "the most important thing is to look like you're doing something."  Keep that in mind when you are listening to the news about the clean-up in the Gulf of Mexico.  Following is an email I received from my friend Erik including a link to this article:

"I don't know if you all know Greg Palast any, but he's one of the few real deep-investigative reporters that I know of. In the years I've been reading his stuff, it's always been spot-on, and under-reported in the mainstream media.

He did extensive work on the Valdez situation up in Alaska, and apparently BP was up to its eyeballs in stingy corner-cutting there that helped a minor grounding turn into a major ecological disaster (which still hasn't been fully cleaned or paid for by Exxon or BP).

Anyway, food for thought, at least.


-- Erik"